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Why Use A Recruitment Agency?

Why Use a Recruitment Agency?In truth there are many benefits to be gained by using a specialist consultancy. In recent years the internet has become such a powerful medium for advertising it seemed logical the job market would become interactive as well.

In the past it was the newspapers and trade press’s which led the way to many companies filling their vacancies - this is not the case today.

Good candidates do not stay as active jobseekers for very long and quality candidates are many active candidates will not read the job pages and visit online job boards. It is this proactive approach that a specialist consultancy can deliver that will make the difference in finding the elite of candidates.

Why form a business relationship with a consultancy?

Employment businesses seek to create a partnership with their clients to enable them to be fully effective. When a consultancy understands your business with confidence they can then relay the true benefits of joining your organisation onto prospective employees.  They can also be more selective in the filtering of unsuitable applicants, freeing up your interview time to focus on only the most suitable of applicants.  

It also removes the need for spending money yourself with job boards and paper advertsiing mediums to then enguage a specialist agency.

Different types of agencies

There are in essence 3 main types of recruitment agencies and they are as follows:

High Street Agencies - These companies can provide excellent training for new recruiters and if the role a company is looking to fill is not too unique or specialist then this is often the best starting point.  For specifically challenging roles a high street agency will tackle them but the generalist recruiters look more at volume of business with the understanding they will fill some of the roles they get.  They are often a cost effective route.  Some high street agencies will turn away business as it could be too far outside of their core business and they would feel vulnerable in getting this type of person onboard as it is not a candidate profile they normally attract.  This type of recruitment business tends to be a large national or international corporate business’s.

Middle Ground Agencies - These act mostly as a high street agencies above do and are usually independent recruitment business's.  They will tackle most styles of roles, focussed often on industrial or driving they will turn there hand to any sector.  A recruiter could be looking for 2 forklift drivers to cover a shirt on Monday and an IT manager on Tuesday. 

Specialist Agencies - This is where Icon Consultants pitch ourselves, the sectors we work in our staff have direct expertise in.  There is a growing trend of more and more agencies turning to rebrand as specialists and with good reason.  It is important for a client with a difficult or specific need to deal with a company that understands exactly what they are looking for.  Often delivery times are reduced for this and we have often surprised our clients with the calibre of candidates we attract.

This is a benefit of working directly in their industry sector.

Negotiation, creating a positive relationship?

When a candidate becomes an employee it is a time for positives to come through from both sides.

Should a candidate accept a position where the offer stage has been protracted or they have felt they undersold themselves this can lead to resentment and negativity early in their employment.

The same can be said in reverse; an employer taking someone on and paying too much for this individual can cause tension with existing employees and lead to conflict or more financial pressure on a business than is needed.

A good recruitment consultancy will manage expectations working with both parties to remove these concerns so that when a candidate becomes an employee the relationship is both professional and positive from the outset.  A good recruiter should be willing to work with both parties to advise clients if they are looking for a skill set that does not match the budget they have.  In addition testing candidates and advising if someone’s expectations of their skills are too high for what their market can currently bear.

Summary of benefits through a recruitment specialist:

1) Assistance with current market values to attract top candidates

2) Wider nets of targeted candidate attraction

3) Process streamlining (reduction on time spent studying applicants’ CV’s)

4) Saving management time interviewing only the top a candidates

5) Offering a rebate system protecting your investment.  

6) Ongoing advice and relevant market expertise

7) Advice on many factors of employment law